LTS REACH OR - European regulation on chemicals with REACh

Our mission

The European regulation on chemicals, REACH is the beginning of a new era for the European chemicals industry. For many European companies, this brings many growing opportunities. However, for those who are not familiar with the European mechanisms, REACH may mean “the end of European sales”. In either case, all companies are facing the same challenge: only putting products onto the EU market products that are judged to be safe for the environment and human health.

Our commitment is to work with each actor for building up the best solutions at every stage of the REACH process.

Wherever you are LTS-REACH-OR has a tailor made solution for your needs:

  • Providing access to the European market
  • Securing your exports by protecting your confidential data
  • Allowing you to be independent of your importer’s registrations
  • Proving a seamless transfer from your current only representative

Let’s meet the challenge of REACH together!