LTS REACH OR : REACH Only Representative, Technical support

Technical Support

> Supporting you for initial assessment of your substance portfolio, preparations and articles taking account of the implications of REACH and advising you on the best strategy.

>  Performing any task required to fill your dossier, such as data-gap analysis, bibliographical search, study summary entered into IUCLID 5, proposal for further studies to be submitted to ECHA, study monitoring, position paper, defense for classification, writing of Chemical Safety assessment /Chemical Safety Reports (CSA/CSR).

> Providing a secure IT-platform for the expert tools used in the REACH registration process: IUCLID5, ES/CSA/CSR tools (EUSES, ECETOC, TRA), Substance Information Management systems, Downstream User communication tools…

> Providing GHS and CLP services

Each service is tailor-made for companies that need to achieve REACH compliance. Among those, you will also find:

  • Advice on the REACH regulation
  • Advice on substance similitude, read-across, data quality assessment, ownership …
  • Advice on hazard assessment, data gaps, testing strategy …
  • Registering your substances in time for the appropriate deadline
  • Organizing your (M)SDS & CSA/CSR
  • Follow-up on any changes in Exposure Scenarios and organize appropriate actions
  • Training people in your team to face REACH issues.